Time for (a big) change


I’ve only gone and done it, I’ve exchanged (which was infinitely harder than it should have been thanks to a missing fax, and missing solicitor)! There’s no turning back now. The dream became a plan*, the plan got rather heftily amended, and suffered a fair bit of slippage (but lets be honest what plan doesn’t; or is that just me?), and the plan is now very close to being delivered. I’m off to Devon, and mum & dad will be moving in (next door).

It probably makes sense to start with a bit of background about the move. The plan started as something quite different. Six years ago I purchased myself a house in the delightful seaside town of Lyme Regis. Why? Because I fell in love with the place when I visited a few years previously with a then boyfriend, and decided I wanted to make it home. The plan was simple: buy a house, visit weekends and move in full time within 5 years. The parents would sell up in Wiltshire, buy themselves a place near to Lyme with some land for our horses, we’d all move down to our respective homes by the sea and a change of lifestyle would commence. Well, that was the plan, but then two rather big challenges got thrown our way in the form of cancer (Multiple Myeloma) announcing its arrival in my father’s blood, closely followed by a boundary dispute on my parent’s property.

The cancer was eventually beaten into remission after a series of misdiagnosis and very intensive treatment, but not without leaving a lasting mark in the form of three collapsed vertebra and bones so weakened that they could be fractured just through the action of starting a chainsaw.

The boundary dispute is proving somewhat of a costly, lengthy saga mainly because the person involved is an exceptionally mean-spirited old man with very deep pockets, who takes delight in making peoples life a misery (the list of people he’s upset through one nasty manoeuvre or another spans counties). The Parents have lived in the house 24 years, and had problems with him from day one, but it took him all these years to decide to challenge the boundary.

The unresolved dispute meant they can’t sell the house so we were facing a complete showstopper. That is until I suggested the ‘The New Plan’ which rapidly became ‘The Action Plan’. Quite simple really, I just had to sell my lovely Lyme house and mortgage myself to the max while The Parents had to hand over their life savings to enable the purchase of a   ‘multi-generational living’ house  (you’ve got to love estate agent speak!).

*When I say plan  I should  be clear what I mean by that – there was no Microsoft Project, Excel or even Post-It note planning involved, it was all in my head and regularly verbalised – To be honest I’ve told the story so often even I find myself getting bored hearing it. That’s what I mean when I say I’ve made a plan.

The new house!

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