It seems the natural assumption that The Parents are moving in is because they’re elderly, frail and I need to take responsibility for them but that’s really not the case. They’re only in their mid 60’s and before my dad got ill he was fitter than most people my age. It’s actually got a lot to do with the fact I’m an only child, my family is tiny (we’re talking just one cousin tiny), and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving them behind in Swindon.

Do they want to make the move? They say they do but I can’t help but wonder if they feel slightly steamrollered into it…I have a habit of doing that when I get excited about something – seriously, just ask anyone who has been on holiday with me my thoughts on P20, or more recently Ultra Sun…

The next assumption is we’re all going to be living together? NO, No, and no! This house is a lovely old farmhouse that’s been rather brutally chopped into two houses (hence the need for renovations – more about those later).

Living together in the same house would not work, the reason for this probably best described by an ex of mine who once commented, “Are the three of you always vying for the position of top dog?” Oh and the fact I won’t have animals in the house and The Parents don’t think a house is a home without an abundance of dog and cat hair. We most definitely need our own front doors, and space.

The next question is always’ “so what will you do with the horses?’ To me that’s obvious;  they’re part of the family so they’re coming with us. The boys, as they’re known, are one of the main reasons we’re buying this house and not one of the other 101 we looked at – it comes with land that is flat, and backs on to the house, it has a barn and stables. Plus one side of the paddock overlooks the lane so they’ll be able to have a good old nose at anyone going past, and no doubt try to convince passers by that they need their diet supplemented with sneaky treats over the gate.

I love my boys*, they’re part of the family and if I’m honest the thought of their journey down is probably the thing I’m finding most stressful about the move.

*no doubt you’re already thinking over 40…not married… not even a boy(or girl)friend …no kids… has horses…I bet this woman is a right weirdo…and yes, you may well be right!

weird quote


  1. Great start to the blogs Eva – you’ll find your ‘style/voice’ in no time – but I’d say you’re doing pretty well already! Looking forward to the adventure as it unfolds and what your boys make of the move when it happens xx


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