Role reversal

I’m beginning to understand how frustrating it was, as parents of teenage me, to be constantly nagging me to tidy my bedroom and being ignored. And the reason I’m beginning to understand that is because it feels like The Parents have morphed into teenage me, and my asks/ suggestions are falling on selective hearing ears. Example of a conversation:

Me: “in preparation for the move you need to do X/Y/Z (I could give specific examples but there are so many they feel like they’re blurring into one).

The Parents: “yes, we’ll do that tomorrow”

Tomorrow comes; Me: “did you get X/Y/Z done?’

The Parents: “oh no, that completely slipped my mind. Remind me again tomorrow would you?”

And so the conversations continue with my voice becoming more high-pitched or condescending each time (I can’t seem to help it but I seem to lose 30 years of maturity and revert back to my 13 year old self around The Parents).

If I’m honesty I’m not entirely sure how this move is going to happen. The buying the house and getting it renovated will be the easy bit. The hard part, which will challenge the patience of the saintliest saints (of which I’m really not), will be getting The Parents moved. Actually getting them packed up (their house isn’t tiny and they’ve managed to ‘collect’ a lot of ‘stuff’), out of their house and on the road is going to be interesting. If someone has a special hotline to a magical wonderland where you can hire Pixies and Fairies to do jobs like these while you sleep, please tell me now and save my sanity.

not listening


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