Am I mad?


It’s all finalised, the sale has completed and as of today I’m the proud owner of a lovely but slightly tatty house in East Devon!

I have a niggling question that’s keeps popping into my head, put there not by me but by other people questioning my motives for the move. That question is “am I box of frogs crazy doing this”? I don’t think I am, and a trip into Swindon town centre quickly reassures me I’m not only completely sane but am also making the right decision.

Yes, I do realise the nearest Waitrose will be 30 minutes away, not five as it currently is, but that’s a compromise I’m willing to make. I mean there’s a village shop in case I get one of my rare, but sudden cravings for a Starbar (I must check they stock them), and the pub a 10 minute walk away should I feel the need to escape The Parents and ‘just breath’. Plus there’s the market town of Honiton just 10 minutes away which has a Aldi AND Lidl* – I mean who doesn’t love a budget supermarket bargain?

Flippancy aside, and being completely honest, I’ve lived in Swindon my whole life yet I’ve never really thought of it as home despite the fabulous friends and family I have here. I’m not going to be sorry to wave goodbye to this sorry state of a town, a town that givens it’s location could be fantastic if it wasn’t for the thoroughly short-sighted Council that don’t seem able to do anything significantly positive to regenerate this down-trodden place. However I will be sorry to say goodbye to the people I love in this town , but it’s the town I’m moving away from not them, and a friend is a friend no matter how many miles you live apart (and 1hr 45 mins down the motorway is hardly an epic journey across the world or even across the country).

I have to admit I’m also secretly excited about being ‘the new person’ in the village and getting to know meet the locals.

*It also has a number of other very nice shops, and isn’t just some weird place built entirely around German discount supermarket chainsTrue-friendship-isnt-about-being-inseparable-its-being-separated-nothing-changes.-9


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