What’s in a name?

Victoria Dairy
I need a new name.


The new house has a name. We don’t like it (something The Parents and I actually agree on). It’s currently called Victoria Dairy Farm but it’s neither a dairy nor a farm. It used to be a dairy farm but those days are long gone and the Parents and I are in agreement it needs a change. What we’re not in agreement is what to change it to.

It’s not a straightforward process to rename your house, you’ve got to get the local council to okay it, then the Post Office have to give it their stamp of approval before going on to register the change with the Land Registry, and then finally updating utilities, banks, mortgage provider… blah blah blah. Oh and lets not forget the associated costs as well. So it goes without saying if we’re going to go through the hassle of doing it (and believe me we are united in agreeing this sort of thing is a complete hassle) we want to get it right.

We’re down to the final three but just can’t agree on which one will be. The choices are:

  • Honeybrook House (the sentimental option based on the names of our first two horses)
  • Victoria House (the ‘lets abbreviate the current name’ version)
  • The Old Farmhouse (the ‘lets go for the literal name’ option)

As we are utterly rubbish at making a collective decision, and want to avoid yet another ‘discussion’ (the type where I go all high-pitched), we’re asking for your help. Please let us know what you think the new name should be, and (most importantly) help prevent anther family debate. Preferred name in the comments please!


  1. ❓…🤔 If you’re going to invest your time & effort to make this change surely your final name choice should be something that resonates with you and is not just a nod to times gone bye..
    Go sentimental 👍

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  2. Got to be Honey Brook House – with a capital B, even though we don’t think there’s a brook nearby!! Just sounds all cute and fluffy!!


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