Same budget, different ideas


Today was a Devon day, by that I mean The Parents and I jumped in the car and headed down to the new house*, met with various trades people and then jumped back in the car to finish off the 220 mile round trip.

The house is looking great, in a stripped out, blank canvas sort of way. It’s starting to look like it’s ready and waiting to be shaped into our new family home(s). It’s sooooo exciting.

Today’s trip was to catch-up with the builder, plumber and bathroom designer to talk through the layout and style options for the bathrooms in the main house and annex.

What follows is an actual reconstruction of a conversation that took place while stood in the first bathroom (my ensuite) discussing options:

Designer: “You could do x,y,z to maximise the space and light”

Me: “I like the sound of that.”

Mum: “but won’t that be expensive?”

Designer: “You could fit a large shower tray there.”

Me: “I love large showers but want one that’s fully screened as the open ended ones are cold.”

Mum: “Hmmm, isn’t there a cheaper option?”

Designer: ‘This radiator (points to a style in a brochure) would fit well in this space”

Mum: “That’s expensive for a radiator”

Me: “Please go away. These are my bathrooms. You can have discussions about ‘value’ when you’re choosing for your side.”

I’m proud of myself, I actually displayed huge self-restraint (I can do it if I try really, really hard) and didn’t get involved in the conversations about the requirements for The Parents side. If I had it would probably have gone something like this:

Me: “That will look cheap.”

Me: “Get something decent”

Me: “Why do you always have to choose the cheapest, why can’t you go for the one you like rather than the price you like?”

Of course the trip wouldn’t have been complete without a lengthy discussion with the builder about the various outbuildings (we discovered another yet another one today)….And, no we’re still no clearer about what to do with them.

*In case you hadn’t realised we haven’t moved in yet as want to get all the building work done, and it looking lovely and homely, before we do.



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