The first of many lasts

With just a couple of months before the move takes place, the realisation that I’m currently experiencing the first of many lasts is beginning to sink in.

It actually began begun a while ago, but for some reason it was the August Bank holiday that made it sink in; I was out with a friend and she said: “you realise this is going to be our last Bank Holiday in Swindon?” (she’s also on the move). It got the conversation round to our top five things of what we’ll miss about this town, and what we won’t. Here are mine.

Things I will miss:

  1. Having my friends so close by (but I firmly believe true friendships won’t be diluted by distance, and the people who are important to me now will still be as important when I’m living in a different county).
  2. Being within walking distance of a variety of pubs and restaurants* (some good, some not so).
  3. The gym being so close – at just over a mile away it makes it very hard to find an excuse not to train regularly. My nearest gym at the new place will be a 15-minute drive away. This realisation leaves me with a nagging concern I’m going to get fat and unfit once I move to Devon.
  4. Pippins Doughnuts (if you’ve never tried one and live locally you are missing out. BEST. DOUGHNUTS. EVER).
  5. Having every brand of supermarket, from Waitrose all the way down to Lidl, within a 5-minute drive.

What I really won’t miss:

  1. Seeing the area become more run-down, and the ‘nice’ areas becoming fewer and fewer.
  2. Trips to Swindon town centre and the sadness of seeing so many empty retail units (or ones filled with ‘pop-up’ discount stores),  increasing numbers of homeless people and the finest selection of benefit claimants you could ever wish to see. A trip to the town centre always leaves me feeling like I need a hot shower in disinfectant.
  3. Seeing all the green spaces being turned into faceless housing developments, yet more supermarkets, and fast food outlets.
  4. The traffic, usually created by ridiculous new road layouts, poorly sequenced traffic lights, and drivers not being able to use filter lanes or roundabouts properly (although to be fair I don’t think bad driving is something I can blame Swindon for).
  5. Driving to see my horses (I’ll be able to look out of the window and my boys will be there!)

Yes it’s going to be a huge lifestyle change, but it’s one I can’t wait to try.

My favourite places to eat and drink close to me:

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