It had better be worth it (the cost and the stress)

Next time I suggest moving a kitchen to another part of the house, someone please stop me.

To be fair to me and my ambitious ideas, there wasn’t a huge amount of choice as the original kitchen in The Parents side of the house was small. Small to the extent that calling it a kitchen at all would be a stretch of the imagination. It had to be found a new, bigger home.

Maybe moving a kitchen isn’t always a massive job, but in this case it really is. It turns out the room it’s being moved to, while aesthetically perfect to become a quite lovely kitchen, is the furthest possible point from the septic tank (there’s no mains drainage for us village living East Devon people), and at a lower ground level than the tank. Now anyone with a basic understanding of gravity knows that water doesn’t tend to travel uphill without a little help. That help will have come in the form of a pump, a pump that comes at a not so bargain price and, as totally unbudgeted for, is one of the growing list of non luxury, non budgeted for, but absolutely essential items that is causing my previously healthy budget to begin to look like it needs feeding up quite urgently.

Before anyone asks, yes my builder did warn me that some of my changes would result in some quite significant plumbing and electrical work (i.e. would be expensive). But he’s also worked with me before so knows if I come up with an idea, unless its completely outside the realms of possibility (or budget) I tend to run with it.

On the plus side the old kitchen is the perfect size to create a downstairs shower room for The Parents, and as their main bathroom is right above there’s no need for complicated plumbing solutions – finally something straightforward!

So can I ask a favour – next time I come up with a similar idea for repositioning key rooms that require extensive plumbing and/or electrics  someone please prod me and ask me if I’ve really thought it through. As long as that person isn’t a family member because if they are the chances are I’ll be more determined than ever to prove my crazy ideas can become reality.


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