Ask the builder

We’re now 16 weeks into what was billed to be a 12 week building project*.  In theory The Parents and I should be living at our new addresses, adapting to Devonshire life, and the novelty of living next door to each other.  That’s the theory but the reality is very different. We’re still in Wiltshire, and the Devonshire house remains a building site.

I guess we could move in if living with no bathrooms, kitchens, heating and limited electricity was our thing, but they’re not. Yes, The Parents were always fans of camping but living like would be a bit extreme even for them.

Don’t get me wrong a lot of progress has been made (and I’ve got the invoices to prove it) – we got lovely new plumbing, floor and ceiling joists have been given some much needed first aid to enable them to do the job that’s required of them. The electrics are slowly being made safe (in some places they were just a flick of a switch away from a fire, in others an electrocution waiting to happen), damp proofing has been done, walls plastered, ceilings and roofs replaced, new doors put in. We even have tiles in a couple of the bathrooms and, if the rumours prove to be true, the new boiler was being fitted this week. Plus the barn that’s being renovated for the horses is coming on nicely. But there’s still an awful lot to do.

Our dreams of being in for Christmas are rapidly fading, and we’re accepting a lottery win is probably more likely to happen (thinking about it a nice fat cheque from the lottery people might help ease the disappoint of not being in for Christmas).

So next time  someone asks when we’ll be moving my response will be “ask the builder” as I haven’t got a bloody clue.

*On the face of it the house looked like it was in reasonably good order bar some damp and just needed some modernisation to make it fit for modern living – you know, little things like heating, and hot water. As it turned, once everything was stripped back it became blatantly obvious it was a more of a renovation than a modernisation hence the the budget and timelines increasing.


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