Builder can’t understand the hype about deadliness

A popular West Country Builder can’t see why his clients get so hung up over deadlines.
A small building company working on numerous projects across the county can’t understand why his customers get frustrated when his trades turn up for one day, start work and then disappear off to another job not returning until the following week.
“Surely promising the world but delivering a baron Island is a well known way of working within the building trade?
It’s our customers that need to take the time to understand us better. If they were a bit more understanding about our lack of urgency then relationships would be so much easier and their stress levels would be so much lower. They really should take a leaf from our book and not worry so much.
As long as they pay our invoices on time, provide us with tea and biscuits, and then leave us alone to do our thing in our own time the work will get done, but probably just not when we said it would.”
Note: I couldn’t resist a bit of irony in this weeks blog –  I’m having serious issues getting my builder to commit to anything, or keep the trades in one place for any length of time. It’s beginning to feel like the project will never finish, or that the electrician, plumber or joiner  will be on site long enough to finish any one job. I figured rather than bang my head against a brick wall I could try to extract some humour from it.
Normal service will resume next week.
builders drinking tea
This is a stock photo, they’re not my builders!

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