2017, where did you go?

So it’s the eve of New Years Eve. Can someone please explain where the last 12 months went? It’s like the year has been on fast-forward – yes, I know thats a sign of getting old but so are the wrinkle I see when I look in the mirror.

Work-wise 2017 was pretty sh1t for me – the quietest I’ve ever had in the nine years I’ve been contracting (partly because I didn’t want to work in London).  That said it did give me chance to launch a different arm to the business, and while it took a long time to do so, me and my business partner managed to get two companies to sign-up for our employee communication services. Fingers crossed for several more next year!

There’s also been all the ups and downs with the house, the on-going and expensive saga of the boundary dispute, incompetent solicitors, one of my horses nearly dying, and then ending up with a very expensive shoe habit, and of course builder troubles (but then you already know all of that). Financially it’s been the most challenging I’ve ever known – big renovation projects + limited work income do not make for good cash flow. Still it’s given me a renewed appreciation of Aldi and the reduced isle in Waitrose…

I’d like to say I’ve got ambitious plans for 2018, but to be honest if I can get the house and annex finished so we can all move in, see The Parents boundary dispute resolved (in their favour), secure enough work so that I’m back to having more money coming in than going out, and see the family (my horses included) enjoy decent health throughout the next 12 months, I’ll be a very happy individual.

Happy New Year everyone, here’s to 2018 being the kind of year where we all smile more than we frown, and for every challenge we face there’s a worthwhile reward at the end.

Finally before I sign off for 2017, I’d like to say a big thank you for reading my blog – it’s such a lovely feeling knowing you’re choosing to share in my story with me. See you next year!



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