This isn’t working out

I’ve been a bit slack on the blog writing front this year, and it’s not down to lack of content but the fact my energies have been taken up elsewhere. The first part of 2018 has been a blur of sacking the builder, employing, and managing independent trades to finish the house, putting together a case to contest the final bill from the builder, as well as the usual solicitor/ boundary stuff, sorting out removers, and of course the (crazily busy) day job. All in it’s been quite time and energy-consuming.
Yes you read right, I fired the builder. He’d tested my patience and budget for too long so on New Years Day, with other trades lined up to pick up where he left off, I fired him! Something I realise now I should have done ages ago. Looking back there’s so much I’d have done differently with him, specifically not hiring him at all because it’s become quite clear the job was too big for him and he didn’t have a clue. But hey what’s hindsight other than a ‘gift’  that’s great at giving you wisdom after the event, and in effect calling you stupid?!
I’ve not only binned the builder but I’m contesting his final bill too. If I pay it I’m moving in to ‘royally ripped-off’ territory – to give you a small example of what he’s trying to get me to pay – I’ve been billed £8,000 for an incomplete (and wrong in some places) first fix of electrics. £8,000 for completed re-wire with materials would have been steep.
I’m so grateful for my new team of tradesmen for picking up and agreeing to finish incomplete work.  They’re doing a great job, and have completed more in a couple of weeks than the builder managed to achieve in 5 months, so much so that The Parents annex is getting close to completion and its looking like we’ll be (finally) giving up our Swindon residency by the end February (that’s this year, not next) – yippee!
It’s only 22 January* and I feel shattered already!
*Also my mums birthday so Happy Birthday to her.
The annex is really starting to take shape:


  1. Good grief, £8k for 1st fix only leccie….he is definitely having a laugh….and more worryingly ripping you off big time. It may be worth reporting him to the NICEIC. They would look into his costing, and possibly deregister him from the institute which would mean he couldn’t advertise himself as member of this institute and would REALLY hit him in trying to get more work. Good for you binning him. Excellent blog.

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