An interview with The Parents

A few people have said they’d love to hear The Parents perspective on the move from their home of 25 years in Wiltshire to a rural village in Devon, with me as their neighbour. I’d hoped they would write the occasional guest post, but being The Parents they refused. So to hear from them I needed a Plan B and here it is; the interview.

Me: Have you always called Swindon your home?

Mum: I’ve lived in Swindon since age three so, yep, it’s always been home

Dad: Yes Swindon has always been my home, and has kept me employed almost none stop since finishing my apprenticeship.

Me: How long have you been married and where did you meet?

Mum: Married 43 years, meet at live music venue (town hall)

Dad: Been married 43 years and like being so.

Me: Umm, didn’t you hit 44 years last month??!


Me: Tell us something about your younger years (anything from first job, to claim to fame, ambitions or motivations)?

Mum: Younger years hmm what’s to tell, not much always-involved with animal welfare never could stand cruelty. Should have tried harder at school!!! Blah Blah Blah.

Dad: Nothing worth noting happen when I was young job wise or other wise, did meet cat Stevens when I was fifteen playing in a warm up band before the star-turn came on himself at The Locarno (now a defunct wreck of a building).
Me: Do you actually want to move to Devon or have you been talked into it?

Mum: Do I want to move? Yes. Am I scared? Yes.

Me: I notice dad has stayed very quiet…

What’s the worst thing about moving?

Mum: The worst thing about moving is clearing out house – so much junk, and the worry of moving the horses.

Dad: Definitely the clearing out.

Me: What will you miss most about Swindon?

Mum: Can’t think of anything apart from friends.

Dad: I will miss my friends and neighbours upon moving as I’m not great at keeping in touch.

Me: That’s what Facebok is for!

Me: What’s the scariest thing about the move?

Mum: The scariest thing is changing hospitals for dads treatment and finding a new GP’s. Plus not forgetting the horses, cat and dog settling.

Dad: Not really looking forward to changing hospitals because, if GWH is anything to go by, I know they will mess it up.

Me: What are you most looking forward to?

Mum: Being off this busy road we currently live by and starting over. New beginnings.

Dad: Looking forward to living on a quiet lane with very little traffic and better air quality.

Me: What’s the first thing you’ll do when you move in?


Me: And finally if you were betting people how long do you predict it will be before you have your first falling out with your new neighbour (me!)?

Mum: Within 5 minutes of arrival.

Dad: I give it one hour before you start up about the dog or cat.

 Me: If we were travelling in the same car its fair to say the arguments would start before we’d made it to the M4.

One comment

  1. Brave, brave people, hope all goes well with the move and that Devon turns out all you aspire/ expect it to be. Helen and I move West 5yrs ago but only as far as Westlea (not as brave as you guys) but did down size to a rabbit hatch, still good luck with the next chapter, enjoy it.


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