Snow says no

After eight long months of delays, disappointments and expensive mistakes, today was due to be the day the horses and me officially began our exciting and much anticipated Devon adventure.

The plan: The horsebox was booked, someone had been arranged to help load two reluctant boys, I’d spent Friday and Saturday in Devon getting the barn, stables, paddock and my bedroom prepped for our arrival and we were going to be waving goodbye to Swindon before midday.

The reality: The snow happened, and everything stopped. Horse transport was cancelled, and instead of starting my new life in the county I‘ve once again spent another snowy weekend in Swindon wondering if I’m ever going to make the great escape.

The new plan: The latest get-away plan, Plan C, looks very similar to Plan A & B, but I’m hoping the main difference will be we actually leave and this one won’t be scuppered by the weather (or anything else!) – ‘The Beast from The East’ put a stop to Plan A, and Plan B (today) was thwarted by the ‘Mini Beast’. Lets hope it’s third time lucky with Plan C. Watch this space.

The Parents plan: The more observant of you will have noticed I’ve only been talking about me and the horse escaping to Devon, and there’s been no mention of The Parents. That’s because they’re waiting for a break in my dads chemo and, if we’re totally honest, they’re not yet organised. They claim they’re planning to follow down the following week, but when I say planning I mean it in the loosest sense of the word as they haven’t actually booked any removers, made a decision on what house letting agency to use, or made any inroads into packing their (big and extremely full) garage. They do not resemble people who are moving in just over a week. Once again, watch this space.

As a side note if they haven’t moved by May you’ll be seeing the annex advertised on Airbnb.



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