One week in

I’ve been in the Devon House a week now, and the need to buy a packet of Marlborough Lights increases by the hour*. Why? I’m exhausted, I’m stressed and I’m fed-up with chasing trades and listening to excuse after excuse about why their sub-standard work isn’t their fault, and the reason it’s like that is down to someone else.

The biggest mistake I made? Trusting people to actually do what they said they would. Why is it so few people deliver on what they promise? I’m fed up with being promised the world, and instead ending up with a barren island that comes with a hefty price tag. I don’t include my new chippie, electrician, kitchen maker or decorator in this group but as for everyone else, well if the hat fits…

Anyway, on a more positive note, it is lovely finally being in (if you turn a blind eye to the dust, unfinished jobs, piles of boxes that need unpacking and building site outside).  Waking up to far reaching views of the Blackdown Hills, seeing my horses when I look outside my bedroom window and being welcomed by the local villagers really is lovely. Plus knowing the seaside is just 12 miles away is quite exciting. Simple things.

In other news project ‘Move The Parents’ is about to go live ; they arrive tomorrow, although if it wasn’t for the help of amazing family friends Christina & Brian they’d be arriving without any furniture or personal possessions as they not only left the packing to the last possible minute, but they were also in complete denial as to the amount of ‘stuff’ they’ve horded over the years – we’re talking things they haven’t used in years but had kept because they might, in some alternative universe, at some time in the infinite future, need.

Christina & Brian have been exceptional friends who we wouldn’t have got to this point without; we’re going to be forever indebted to them. They really make the Ingleson world a better place to be.

* Those that know me know I enjoy the odd cigarette when on a big night out but given big nights out are a very rare occurrence I probably damage my health more sitting in an air-conditioned office surrounded by people coughing and sneezing than with nicotine sticks.

The good:

The good

Some of the bad:

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