Now you see them

The Parents did move into the Devon home, and now they’re back in Swindon. And no, before you jump to conclusions, it’s not because I’m a nightmare neighbour it’s because the NHS have once again excelled themselves, and despite various reassurances that my dad’s treatment would be transferred to Exeter, failed to follow through on the promise. So, for three weeks The Parents will be travelling to and from Swindon to allow my dad to complete his current cycle of chemo – I mean what better way to top off two consecutive days of chemo than with a 240-mile round trip?

They’re not going to have the option of taking mini-breaks in Swindon soon as they’re just let their house and the new tenants want to move in on 1 May (shout out to Richard James Lettings for sorting this out). It’s the first bit of positive house related news they’ve had for a while, so I’m really pleased for them. Plus, it means they can start paying me rent! *

As neighbours go they’re not proving to be too bad so far and, most importantly, boundaries are being respected, probably due in part to the fact the adjoining door is locked from my side and I’ve placed a piece of furniture in front of it rendering the door useless. A couple of people have said I’m mean doing that, but my view is just because we’re sharing the same roof space does not mean we have to live in each other’s pockets – independence and privacy are the key ingredients to this working.

Gradually, despite the numerous bits of work that need finishing off**, my side of the house is being transformed into a home. And it feels like home too – I’m really enjoying living there. Having the horses just outside my door is a treat I don’t think I’m going grow tired off.

Talking of the horses, they seem delighted with their new Devon life; they love their new barn, the space of their paddock (not that they can spend much time out there due to their rapidly expanding waistlines) and are finding the comings and goings of village life very interesting. Ben (my high maintenance ginger boy) has already become acquainted with the new farrier (and yes, he’s bitten him too – Ben can never resist any opportunity to take a quick nip) after losing his expensive shoes – that’s £300 of specialist horse shoes stuck in the mud somewhere.

* Just to confirm I don’t want any rent from The Parents as they have already given me so much to to help me fund the renovations they’ve basically bought their side of the house.

**Substandard, incomplete work at a premium price seems to be the norm with several of the trades I’ve been stupid enough to employ.

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