I’m Eva, I’m 43, single (and rather like it that way), no kids (through choice), I work in employee communications and have two horses which are simply giant pets. I enjoy the gym and walking but also really enjoy food (buying, cooking and eating it) which means the full benefits of the gym never really show…!

Oh and I’m about to relocate from Wiltshire to Devon with my parents….

I’m going to be sharing my view of the journey as I set about our move from the delightful (and I mean that in the loosest sense of the word) Swindon town to rural village life in East Devon, with The Parents and my horses in tow.

The Parents won’t just be moving to the same county, or indeed the same village as me, they’re actually going to be moving in next door, and by next door I mean the annex. That’s three independent, strong-willed souls, one of who loves change (me!) and the other two who embrace the comfort of routine, sharing the same roof space.

The Parents are Wendy and John, both mad about animals (I often think they prefer the dog and cat to me), my dad is a music nut having made a hobby out of playing lead guitar in a number of blues and jazz bands, and my mum is happiest in her wellies mucking out a stable, or coming to the aid of a sick or injured animal. I’m hopeful they might feel inspired to write the odd post and share their side of the story.

It’s probably worth mentioning they are going to be stressing over this whole blog thing (they like to find the worry in every possible situation – even the most positive of news can’t be properly celebrated until the worry angle is found). Oh well, Parents, best pour yourselves a stiff drink because here we go!